About katerpillar skarves and the weaver

William B. Owens

William Owens started weaving when a good friend treated him to a weaving class at the The Yarn Company, in New York City. He fell in love with it on the spot and bought a loom and some yarn. He has followed through by self-teaching and experimenting.

Schacht 10" Cricket Loom

The loom he purchased, and still uses is a 10" Schacht Cricket Loom. It is a single, rigid heddle loom. He still uses that loom for all of his scarves.

The name "katerpillar skarves" comes from the fact that he uses caterpillars for design inspiration. He has always loved color and texture. Since he uses a single heddle loom rather than a multiple heddle loom, he uses variations in color, texture and materials to achieve interesting results. He strives for a bold and elegant look and feel. Each scarf is created to be unique.

So many people are working to make such beautiful yarns, ribbons, fantasy yarns and other usable materials. Bill enjoys acquiring the different materials he works with. He uses them as any artist uses different materials to achieve the desired results.

You won't see scarves like his anywhere else.

Beautiful things make people happy. – Eva Zeisel

Riverwinds Gallery, 172 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
Scarves on display at the gallery.
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